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Our Clients

Tele-Logic Solutions serves as the gateway to 20+ exclusive clients across various industries. Our agents have the freedom to select any one or more of them to start earning a living on their terms. Each client that we are connected with are deemed as the leader in their industry, Below you can get an overview of some of the most favored ones that our agents enjoy. 

Cruise Line Support

Help customers book their dream adventures and relax at sea.

Home Warranty Support

Help the customers of this client get the services they need when they need it. 

Repair Store Support

Assist the customers of the #1 DIY store in the country. 

Roadside Asst. Support

Car trouble is highly stressful, lighten the stress with your expertise while working this client.

Cable Provider Support

Help customers stay connected with their cable and internet service.

Theme Park Support
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Theme parks are the ideal family vacation, plan and book the perfect escape.